1412212_10152350745786923_4463475928785445046_oStoke-on-Trent native Miles Gavin grew up on the periphery of an area where the traditional ceramic industry was developing away from the old production methods,  he now challenges the concepts of figurative animals and their place in art.

Miles’ creations are embodiments of the emotions and sensibilities that get suppressed in day to day life,  the primal instincts and fears that are there just under the surface,  waiting to be triggered by the slightest hint of regression. The thoughts that simmer in the semi-conscious,  quietened but making sure you are aware of their presence. His quirky characters seem to have a sinister purpose that upsets the cute conventions and expectations of the subject matter.

Graduating in 2010,  Miles was awarded a Bachelors Degree in Ceramic Design from Central Saint Martin’s,  London. During his time at university he won several awards and a travel scholarship that enabled him to intern for Los Angeles based artist Elizabeth McGrath. He currently has a studio in Sheffield and is part of the Yorkshire ArtSpace program for Starter Ceramicists.